Our Unwavering Stance Against Racial Inequality

The issues of public health, police brutality, and the subsequent riots and peaceful protests are the result of the many systemic problems deeply woven into the fabric of this country. It’s not news that these problems exist, it’s news that people are collectively taking notice. Some companies are afraid to talk about these recent events publicly. We are not one of those companies, and we are not just talking about it. We stand against racial injustices. As a Black-owned and operated firm, we have always embraced and celebrated our diversity.

At The UP Companies, we are and have always been about Building UP Communities, coming together in unity with the goal of making them a better place. We want everyone to know that we are passionately working hard both internally and with local and national organizations to plan, coordinate and execute policy change and to provide community organizations with the resources our company and network has available. This is who we’ve been and what we’ve been about since our inception, not just because it’s now the current trend. We are doing our part, both in the community and in the boardroom, but we can’t do it alone. We ask that our clients, employees, friends and family of all races unite with us and use your voices to invoke real change. Continue to follow us on this journey, or better yet, walk beside us as we take pivotal steps toward justice and equality for all.